Believe it or not, someone bought over a hundred boxes of Girl Scout Cookies in a SINGLE DAY . . . and might NOT end up with early on-set diabetes.

Two Girl Scouts named Norah Wall and Ruthie Bridgman were selling cookies outside a grocery store in Seattle the other day, when a random woman asked how much it would cost to buy ALL the boxes they had.

The total was over $600.  So that’s more than 120 boxes at $5 a box.  But she wasn’t stocking up for the year.

Instead, she gave the Girl Scouts the money . . . left the cookies . . . and asked them to hand out boxes to random people for FREE.

Here’s the coolest part.  Just knowing someone did it inspired OTHER people to pay it forward.

Customers at the grocery store kept doing little things for each other all day, like helping out if they didn’t have exact change.

And at least one person paid for her own groceries . . . plus the groceries for the person behind her in line . . . AND the person ahead of her.