It sounds like this kid’s forced to be the man of the house in his family.  And he’s already living up to that title. . .

A duplex near Milwaukee caught fire around 12:15 in the morning on Monday while a woman and her two kids were inside sleeping.

She woke up when she heard a loud POPPING sound, then saw flames in the living room.  So she tried to put the fire out but couldn’t, and suffered burns to her arms.

It sounds like she might have health issues, because the fire started near an oxygen tank.  But luckily no one died, because her 15-year-old son saved EVERYONE.

First, he got his 11-year-old sister out.  Then he ran BACK inside for his mom, and also called 911.

But he still wasn’t done.  Because after they were both out, he ran into the other apartment in their duplex and saved his AUNT, who’s legally blind.

Firefighters say there must have been quite a bit of smoke when he did it, and the fire was really hot.  So he showed a lot of bravery running back in.  Not once, but twice.

(Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)