The U.K. has gotten a ton of snow in the last week.  It’s been bad enough that some people haven’t been able to get to work . . . or at least they’ve CLAIMED they can’t make it in.  This isn’t one of those people though . .

A cancer patient in Glasgow, Scotland was scheduled to have surgery the other day.  We don’t know many details, but they’re fighting bowel cancer.

Their surgeon couldn’t get there by car or public transportation though.  So it looked like it might get postponed.

But instead, the surgeon bundled herself up . . . and walked EIGHT MILES through the snow to get there.

She showed up wearing ski goggles and SNOWSHOES.  She also used two hiking poles to keep herself from slipping.

Apparently the surgery went well.  But we don’t know the doctor’s name, because she wants to remain anonymous.