Imagine having a talent like this and not pursing it . . .

A family near Detroit ordered some pizza last Wednesday from a place called Hungry Howie’s.  And they noticed the delivery guy checking out the piano in their front room.

So they asked if he wanted to play it.  And it turns out he’s a piano PRODIGY.

His name is Bryce Dudal.  He’s 18 years old . . . started teaching himself how to play when he was seven . . . and he’s REALLY good.

They posted a video of him on Facebook that went viral.  Then the local news did a story on him.

The crazy part is he says he hadn’t really been playing much lately.  And it doesn’t sound like he had any plans to pursue a career in music.

But he says all the attention he’s been getting over the video has been really inspiring.  And now he might get serious about it again.


Here’s the full video: