This guy shouldn’t HAVE to change his name.  But at this point, he must be thinking about it . . .

A 34-year-old father of two named Jimmie Williams lives in Victorville, California.  (About 80 miles northeast of L.A.)  And he happens to share the same name as another Jimmie Williams in the area who can’t stop breaking the law.

The GOOD Jimmie has been arrested or detained at least FOUR times in the last 12 years, always for stuff the BAD Jimmie did.  Once in 2006 . . . again in 2009 . . . a third time last month . . . and a fourth time this past Friday on a felony warrant.

The cops keep making the same mistake because both Jimmies spell their name the same way . . . J-I-M-M-I-E . . . and also have the exact same BIRTHDAY.

Last Friday was different though.  Because a cop showed up at his door . . . wouldn’t listen when he tried to explain . . . and Jimmie RESISTED when they tried to cuff him.

He’s never been arrested for something HE did before.  But now he’s facing his own felony charge for obstruction.  And he had to post $2,500 just to get out of jail.

The whole thing was caught on his doorbell camera, and the cops are working with him to clear things up.  But if the charges stick, he’ll have a felony on his record, and could lose his job.