A couple named Caleb and Olivia Spark got married near Buffalo, New York earlier this month.

And while they were taking photos in a park, a five-year-old girl with autism walked by with her mom . . . saw Olivia in her dress . . . and ran up to her, because she thought she was CINDERELLA.  (There was a similar story last year in Seattle.)

The girl’s name is Layla Lester.  Her mom says she doesn’t usually feel comfortable around people she doesn’t know, but she LOVES princesses.  And Olivia was really sweet to her.

They talked for a while, and Olivia played the part of Cinderella.  She says SHE was thrilled someone really thought she looked like a princess on her wedding day.

Anyway, the wedding photographer got a few shots of them, and a video.  But no one got Layla’s mom’s name.  So Olivia and her family posted a photo online, hoping she’d see it.  Which she did . . . and the photo also went viral.

Which brings us to the best part.  Someone who saw the story started a GoFundMe page to send Layla to Disney World, so she can meet more Disney princesses.  And it’s already raised over $11,000.

(WAFF / Yahoo)