There’s a 13-year-old kid in England named Cullum Manning who recently started reviewing his favorite books on Instagram.  And he’s been getting bullied because of it.

He started about a week ago.  Each post is a photo of a book, with a quick one-liner on whether he liked it or not.  So for the first “Lord of the Rings” book, he wrote, “Good book.  Read it if [you] like ‘Game of Thrones’.”

Unfortunately, some kids at school ganged up and started trolling him.  So his older sister asked some friends to follow his account, just to encourage him to keep doing it.

And less than a week later, he has more followers than his bullies will EVER have.

His sister was hoping to get 20 friends to follow him, but then it blew up online.  And last we checked, he had over 215,000 FOLLOWERS.

Some big names have reached out to him too.  Caroline Kepnes wrote the books that the Netflix show “You” is based on.  After he reviewed the original book, she reached out to his sister on Twitter and sent him a text.  Which he says was, “really cool.”

If you want to follow him, you can find him on Instagram.  Just search for “Cals_Book_Account“.

(Guardian / Daily Mail)

(Here’s a photo of him, and a screenshot of his Instagram page.)