I kind of hate this guy, because we ALL wish we were this lucky.  But at least he’s not about to waste all the money that just landed in his lap . . .

A 19-year-old guy in Michigan just won HALF-A-MILLION DOLLARS on a scratch-off lottery ticket.  And it’s only the fourth lottery ticket he’s ever bought.

But the amazing part is that ALL FOUR of those tickets were WINNERS.

He’s never bought a losing ticket.  But this is his first BIG win.

He just started college, and says it’s a huge relief to have his tuition covered now.  And he’ll need a lot of tuition money, because he wants to be a doctor.

He claimed his money yesterday.  And he’s also planning to take a big chunk of it and figure out the best way he can use it to give back to his community.

(Michigan Lottery Connect)