A Guy Got Kicked by a Horse, and It Saved His Life?

Here’s a reminder that bad things can come with a silver lining . . .

A 21-year-old guy from Ireland named Ryan O’Connor lives in Australia and trains racehorses.

He’s in pretty good shape, but hadn’t been feeling very well.  Something just felt off, but he didn’t think it was a big deal.

Then he was at work one day and got kicked in the back by a HORSE.

The kick didn’t cause too much damage, but he went to the hospital with back pain.  And while they were treating him, his doctors found out he had an aggressive form of testicular CANCER.

He had to have multiple surgeries to remove a three-and-a-half-inch tumor, and also went through chemotherapy.  But earlier this year, he got the ALL-CLEAR.

He still goes in for regular check-ups, but the cancer is gone.  So in the end, getting kicked by a horse actually saved his life.  (The Irish Sun / The West Australian)



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