A Cryptocurrency Company Donated $29 Million to Fund All 35,000 Teacher Requests on the Site DonorsChoose.org

DonorsChoose.org is kind of like Kickstarter or GoFundMe.  But it only raises money for classrooms.  (You can check it out here.)

Teachers use it to request money for stuff they want to do for students.  Everything from buying supplies, to paying for field trips.  Anyone can donate.  And they just got their biggest donation EVER this week.

The cryptocurrency company Ripple donated $29 MILLION . . . enough to fund EVERY SINGLE open request on the entire site.

Over 35,000 requests from 28,000 teachers are now fully funded, and the money will get doled out to public schools in all 50 states.  A lot of it will end up going to schools in low-income areas.

Ripple’s vice president of marketing says they did it because they, quote, “value the importance of quality education in developing the next generation of leaders.”  And because Donors Choose has a strong record of making a real difference in kids’ lives.

It’s the biggest donation they’ve ever gotten in their 18-year history.  And it’s almost definitely the largest cryptocurrency donation ever.  But don’t worry about it dropping in value.  They immediately converted it to REAL money.