A Couple Uprooted Their Lives to Adopt Their Niece’s Five Kids

This couple deserves credit for stepping up when no one else would.  Karen and Tyrone Mack live outside D.C.  They’re both 55 years old.  All their kids are grown and out of the house.  So a few years ago, they thought life was getting easier.

But Tyrone has a niece with a serious drug problem who also struggles with mental illness.  And three years ago, her kids were about to be taken away from her.

Her five kids range in age from 2 years old to 10 years old.  She couldn’t take care of them anymore.  And they were all going to end up in foster care.  Meaning they would have been split up.

Karen and Tyrone didn’t want that to happen though.  So instead, they took in ALL FIVE KIDS.  And they’ve now dedicated their lives to raising them.

It wasn’t just Tyrone’s decision.  Karen wanted to do it too.  They actually took in three of them at first.  Then she was the one who wanted to bring in the other two as well.

Tyrone says their family needed them.  So they stepped up, and it’s just that simple.  And this past Saturday, they made things official by ADOPTING all five kids.

(Washington Post)