If you’ve ever found yourself going INSANE because someone in front of you was driving too slowly in the left lane, this story’s for you.

A state police trooper in Indiana was on Interstate 65, about 35 miles south of Indianapolis, on Saturday when he noticed a huge backup in the left lane.

And he realized it was because a woman was driving under the speed limit, which was 70 . . . and there were about 20 cars stuck behind her.  So . . . he pulled her over.

Under Indiana’s state laws, the left lane is for passing . . . so if you’re going under the speed limit, you’re legally required to get into the right lane.  This woman didn’t . . . so she got a ticket.

And the general consensus on social media seems to be . . . this cop is a HERO.  His tweet about what happened has gotten over 28,000 retweets . . . and a lot of comments from people asking him to come patrol in their

(I wish we’d see this more HERE . . . especially when the out of towners roll in.)


(We found this website that shows other states that have “keep right” laws.  We can’t guarantee it’s totally current, but it appears it’s no more than a few years old, and it’s the most up-to-date guide we could track down.)