A Convenience Store Offers Mini Shopping Sprees If Customers Can Answer Simple Math Problems

A convenience store in New York is blowing up on TikTok for a weird reason.  They’re trying to bolster America’s MATH skills . . .

The owner’s son is 20-year-old Ahmed Alwan.  He’s been posting videos where he asks customers simple math questions.  And if they answer right, they win a mini shopping spree . . . and have FIVE SECONDS to grab as much stuff as they can.

A few of the videos seem staged because he lets people take CASH from the drawer.  And one guy tries to run off with a ton of lottery tickets.  But apparently the other videos are legit.

The questions aren’t usually hard.  For example, he asked one woman, “What’s 7 times 7, plus 10?”  (The answer is 59.)

She got it right.  And in five seconds, she ended up with a box of Cheese Nips, a bunch of chips, some pastries, three bananas, and a newspaper.

A local news station did a story on it, and Ahmed said he started doing it as a fun way to help out people in his community.  But he also hopes kids see the videos, and it inspires them to learn.

You can find him on TikTok and Instagram.  Just search Google for “itsmedyy.”  (Some of the videos DO have profanity.)


(Here’s a photo.)