54% of Us Are Cooking More Right Now, and Snacking Is at an All-Time High

Have you been cooking more than usual because of the outbreak?  Over HALF of Americans have been, according to a new poll.  Here are seven stats on how the crisis has changed our cooking and eating habits . . .

1.  54% of Americans are cooking more right now, and 46% are doing more baking.

2.  The most sought-after recipes are for simple, practical meals.  61% of us have searched for those.  And 60% have looked for ways to use up specific ingredients.

3.  57% of people say they’re wasting less food because of the lockdown.

4.  Half of people who’ve spent more time in the kitchen say it’s made them more confident in their cooking skills.  And 35% are enjoying it more than they used to.

5.  Are we eating any healthier because of all this?  Yes and no.  39% of people said their diet has improved . . . but 40% said they’ve leaned on more COMFORT foods to get through quarantine.

6.  Snacking throughout the day is at an all-time high, especially for parents.  50% of people with kids said they’re eating more snacks than they were before the crisis hit.

7.  And finally, 51% of people who’ve been cooking more said they’ll keep it up when the lockdown ends.  Our top reasons are it’s cheaper, it’s healthier, it’s relaxing, and we like trying new foods.

(PR Newswire)