Have you ever been a mad scientist at breakfast, and combined two types of cereal into one CUSTOM cereal concoction?  A recent survey found 28% of us have done it.

I’m guessing some of those people combine one healthy type of cereal with one not-so-healthy type.  But Cinnamon Toast Froot Loops do sound intriguing.

Here are seven more stats about our cereal-eating habits . . .

1.  Do you pour the cereal or the milk first?  89% said cereal first.

2.  What type of milk do you use?  49% prefer whole milk or 2% . . . 32% said 1% or skim . . . 16% said things like almond or soy milk . . . and 3% only eat their cereal dry.

3.  What’s your milk-to-cereal ratio?  36% go heavy on the cereal.  18% go heavy on the milk.  43% said it’s about 50/50.

4.  Do you drink the milk at the bottom of the bowl, or pour it in the sink?  51% always drink it, or spoon it up . . . 19% never do . . . and 27% said it depends on the cereal.

5.  Do you add fruit?  36% do.  64% go with just cereal and milk.

6.  Do you ever put ice in your cereal to make it extra cold?  Only 2% said yes.

7.  Do you ever eat cereal straight out of the box?  80% of us do it.