A Woman Passes Gas on Her Co-Worker’s Hand After He Grabs Her Butt, and Then He Gets Fired

To appreciate this good news, you have to love some good old American JUSTICE. But it’s kind of crazy women even have to resort to this kind of thing to keep themselves from being sexually harassed.  That said, this is some pretty outstanding payback right here . . .

A woman on Reddit posted a story about one of her male co-workers who kept being a creep and brushing up against her PRIVATE areas when she walked by him.

Sometimes he’d brush the side of her boob with his hand.  Sometimes he’d brush against her butt.  Then earlier this month, he took it one step further and full-on GRABBED her butt.

At first she didn’t do anything, but then she decided she’d had enough.  So she walked past him again . . . aimed her butt directly at his hand . . . and PASSED GAS on him.

Here’s the best part.  The guy freaked out, and said out loud that the whole MOLESTING HER thing was just him joking around.

Luckily their BOSS overheard that part and immediately fired him.