Source: YouTube

In 1991, The Highwaymen were touring abroad when they sat down for an interview . . . and let’s just say, it did not go as planned.

The first question that was asked was, quote, “Why [are you] teaming up together?  At least one critic, probably more, suggested it’s because none of you can now fill the halls anymore on your own, and it takes four of you.”

Kris Kristofferson first answered with, “How kind of you to point that out.”  Before Johnny Cash jumped in and defended them.  He said, “That’s not a true statement you made there.”

Johnny went on to say that all four of them could sell out shows on their own, and it takes a lot of work to get all their schedules lined up to make it work.

This is when Waylon Jennings came in with one of the most intense statements ever said in an interview.  Quote, “I tell ya, one more point too . . . if you ask another question like that, we’ll burn your home.”

The Highwaymen all shared a great big laugh together.  The reporter did not.