Source: YouTube

Happy Monday!  Here is the best new music we could find that was just released recently:

1.  A Better Place by Glen Campbell and Dolly Parton.

2.  Ghost on the Canvas by Glen Campbell and Sting.

3.  “Hold on Hope” by Glen Campbell and Eric Church.  This song was released two months ago, but it’s another great collaboration off his new album “Glen Campbell Duets:  Ghost on the Canvas Sessions”.

4.  Going Home by Tyler Childers.  This is a live version.  It rocks.

5.  I Believe in God by Wyatt Flores.

6.  Good Graces by Tyler Halverson.

7.  Rust by Corey Kent.

8.  Larimer County Jail by Danno Simpson.

9.  Back Home by Emily Ann Roberts.

10.  Country Back by Randy Houser.

11.  Songs About Whiskey by Anne Wilson.

12.  “Gin and Juice” by Hardy.  This is a Dr. Dre and Snoop cover.

(PROFANITY WARNING:  There is profanity and questionable language throughout the video.)

(And Miranda Lambert teased a new song on her Instagram.  Check it out here.)