Source: YouTube

Dolly Parton is a national treasure.  Some would say she’s TWO national treasures.  But even if she was rocking an A-CUP, she’d still be one of the best people on Earth.

Case in point:  A Utah man named LeGrand Gold was diagnosed with stage four colorectal cancer in 2021.  Just before the holidays, he was given six months to live.

So he put together a bucket list, and meeting Dolly was on it.  While she couldn’t be there in person, she did call him.

And she even serenaded him with a few lines from “I Will Always Love You” . . . and she tossed his nickname, “LG” into it.

LeGrand says, quote, “She sang a song, put my name in the song.  I feel like I’m immortal now.  That was really cool. It made me feel good.”