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Today is the first day of Spring!  Congratulations, we finally made it.  Which means now it’s time to get out into the wilderness and go camping.  And to prepare you, we found a fire starter hack that you must know.

It’s a fantastic and cheap trick for getting those campfires roaring.  This is also super helpful in windy or wetter situations, as the fire starter will keep on going, despite the tough conditions.

All you need is:  one empty egg carton . . . 12 of those small tea lights . . . and a bunch of DRYER LINT.

(Does this sound like a MacGyver concoction yet?)

The first step is to fill each one of your egg compartments with dryer lint.  Next you take the 12 tea lights, remove the wicks, and place the wicks in your linty egg compartments.

After that, you put all of the tea lights into an old pot and melt them on low.  Once melted, very carefully pour the wax over the dryer lint in the egg carton.  Before doing this step, it’s recommended to slip some cardboard under the carton, as some of the hot wax will seep through.

And now, wait for the wax to completely cool and use scissors to cut them into 12 individual fire starters.  You will be amazed at how durable and long lasting that initial flame is from just ONE of these.

Happy Camping!