Source: YouTube

Jimmy Kimmel had Chris Stapleton on his show and he absolutely killed it on their “Wing It and Sing It” segment.  Jimmy explained that Chris used to love the show “Full House”, specifically John Stamos.

So, the song they had Chris sing was sort of a loving tribute to his “hero”, John Stamos.  He had never seen the lyrics before, so he truly had to “wing it”.  And, he only broke character once throughout the song, which is incredible, because it was really funny the whole time.

Some of the best lines from the song are, “He’s the reason I’m singing this ballad . . . He’s the feta cheese in my Greek Salad.”  And, “Dear God, tell me honestly, is it a sin . . . For wishin’ I’d been born a third Olsen twin.”

Towards the end of the song, John Stamos appeared wearing a Chris Stapleton shirt and the crowd went crazy.  Chris seemed both genuinely surprised and happy.  But then he realized he had more to sing.

The closing line of the song was, “Holy [shoot], wow, now my dream has come true . . . John Stamos you’re awesome, and I do love you.”

(WARNING:  There’s bleeped profanity in the video.)