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This is like if a Bond villain built his underground lair in a volcano and wanted to bring along several thousand friends . . .

Saudi Arabia is planning to build an underground city, and billing it as an “upside down skyscraper.”  They’re calling it “Aquellum.”  (ah-QWELL-um)

They plan to dig into the side of a mountain, and fill the hole with a massive network of homes, stores, luxury hotels, movie theaters, and everything else you’d need or want . . . except the ability to easily step outside.

The spot they picked out is right by the ocean, and you’ll enter by taking a boat through an underground tunnel.  The only part you’ll see from the outside is the roof, where they plan to have lots of trees and space to walk around.  There’s also an open area in the middle to let in sunlight.  (Here are some CGI photos.)

It’ll be 330 feet deep.  So not really “skyscraper” height, but that’s like a 25-story underground building.  They’re calling it a “futuristic living” space.  (A dystopian future, maybe.)  They’re hoping it’ll be a hot spot for tourists.  (Here’s a video.)

Somehow, this isn’t even the most ambitious project Saudi Arabia’s got going.  They’re already working on a huge 100-mile-long building called “The Line” that could cost over $1 trillion.

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