The Radio in Our Car Is Still the #1 Way We Listen to Music

It seems like everyone’s got AirPods, Spotify, and an Amazon Echo now.  But even with all those options, the #1 way we listen to music is the way you’re doing it right now.

A new survey found RADIO is still the top way Americans listen to music.  Specifically, the radio in your CAR.  And it’s #1 globally as well.

54% of American adults say they’ve listened to music on the radio in a car in the past six months.  (That actually seemed low to us, but you have to factor in EVERYONE 18 and up, including college kids, seniors, and people who work from home now.)

Only 33% said they’ve listened to music through a streaming service they pay for, like Spotify . . . just 29% have listened to a CD in the past six months . . . 27% have listened to music they bought and downloaded . . . 26% have listened on sites like YouTube . . . and 11% of us have listened to music on vinyl.

Our car is just one of the places we still listen to the radio.  27% of us have also streamed AM or FM radio over the Internet in the past six months, and 10% have listened to music on a portable radio.

5% of Americans . . . or 1 in 20 people . . . said they haven’t listened to ANY music in at least six months.