Every parent’s favorite thing to do is dole out advice to NEW parents, and some of it’s helpful.  A new poll found that, on average, new parents receive 200 pieces of useful advice in the first six months.

That’s more than one tip per day though, so it CAN get old.  Here are the top ten pieces of advice that can ANNOY new parents . . .

1.  “Sleep when the baby sleeps.”

2.  “Here’s what I did with MY kids, and they turned out fine.”

3.  “Stop holding them so much, you’ll spoil them.”

4.  “Don’t wait too long before you have another one.”

5.  “You’re not holding them right.”

6.  “Let them cry it out.”

7.  “You’re just creating more problems for yourself down the road.”

8.  “Don’t entertain them with the TV, or your phone.”

9.  “If you let them sleep in your bed, they’ll never leave.”

10.  “It’s probably colic.”