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Ten “Good News” Stories from the George Floyd Protests

Credit: elinedesignservices via Thinkstock

Through all the chaos and confusion of the protests, there have also been some bright spots.  Here are some of the uplifting stories we’ve seen over the last few days . . .

1.  The Tennessee National Guard was set up in front of the state capitol on Monday in full riot gear.  But the protesters were peaceful and started calling for them to lay their riot shields down . . . and they did it.  (Warning!  There’s profanity in the background of the video.)

2.  Police in cities all across the country have been taking a knee to show support for peaceful protesters.  Drone footage of 50 cops in North Carolina doing it has been trending online.

3.  A former firefighter who opened a sports bar in Minneapolis lost everything to looters.  But after his emotional interview went viral, people started donating on GoFundMe.  And he now has over a MILLION DOLLARS to help him rebuild.

4.  People all across the country have been coming out to help their local business owners clean up after their neighborhoods were trashed by looters.

5.  A group of protesters in Louisville formed a human chain to protect a cop who got separated from his unit.  And a group in Brooklyn blocked the doors of a CVS to stop people from looting it.  (Warning:  The CVS video includes profanity.)

6.  A group of Mennonites in Minneapolis joined the protests the other day, with signs that said “Standing Against Systems of Oppression” and “Justice for George Floyd.”

7.  A six-year-old girl heard about George Floyd . . . made a sign that said “Be Kind” . . . and held her own peaceful protest outside her house.

My 6yr old daughter, she sees whats on the news, we explained what happened to George Floyd and she was mortified. Today she made a sign and is doing her own peaceful protest in our front yard. I am so proud! from r/MadeMeSmile

8.  In case you missed it, the sheriff in Flint, Michigan asked protesters what they wanted from him, and they started chanting “walk with us.”  So he left his gear behind and joined the protest.

9.  A white cop in Shreveport, Louisiana hugged and comforted a black protester who was crying, and someone posted a video on Twitter.

10.  Thousands of people in cities all over the world have joined the peaceful protests and have been marching through the streets.  Including cities in Mexico, Canada, the U.K., Australia, Germany, France, Italy, Denmark, New Zealand, Brazil, and even Syria.

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