Six Scams That Pop Up Around the Holidays

Here are six scams to be on the lookout for around the holidays . . .

1.  Social media gift exchanges.  They show up on your feeds around the holidays, promising that you’ll receive several gifts if you send one.  But it’s a pyramid scheme.

2.  Free gift cards.  These usually come in the form of phishing emails or pop-up ads.  If you see one, definitely DON’T click any links or share any personal information.

3.  Unusual forms of payments.  If you’re buying stuff online, be on the lookout for anyone asking for a form of payment that can’t be traced or undone . . . mainly prepaid debit cards, gift cards, or wire transfers.

4.  Fake shipping notifications.  Scammers send fake shipping emails to trick you into opening the email and entering personal information and passwords.  And some might even ask you to send money to receive your package.

5.  Phony charities.  Look out for charity names that sound SIMILAR to well-known organizations . . . and if you’re on the fence, try verifying the charity at

6.  Temporary holiday jobs.  Scammers use fake job postings to get personal information from applicants.  So be suspicious of anyone asking for personal info over the phone or online before meeting for an interview . . . or any job that requires you to pay for equipment or software upfront.

(Better Business Bureau)