Olympics Highlights: Lindsey Vonn Settled for Bronze but Broke a Record, and the U.S. Men’s Hockey Game Went to a Shootout

Here are three highlights from last night at the Winter Olympics . . .

1.  Lindsey Vonn was looking for one more Gold medal in women’s downhill last night, but had to settle for Bronze.  She still managed to break a record though.  At 33, she’s now the oldest female Alpine skier to EVER medal at the Olympics.

She still has a slim chance at one more medal in the women’s combined tomorrow night.  Earlier this week, she said she was “99.9%” sure this is her last Olympics.

2.  The U.S. men’s hockey team needed to beat the Czech Republic last night to keep their medal hopes alive, but could NOT pull out a win.

They were tied at 2 goals apiece going into overtime, and when neither team scored in the extra period it went to a SHOOTOUT.  Team USA lost, so they’re eliminated.

3.  Ladies figure skating kicked off with the women’s short program.  The top American is Mirai Nagasu, who’s in 9th going into tomorrow’s free skate.

She’s the one who landed a triple axel in the team event last week, and became the first woman to ever do it in the Olympics.  She tried it again last night but FELL.  So unfortunately, she probably can’t win a medal at this point.

As of midnight last night, Norway was leading with 30 medals, and the U.S. was tied for 5th with 13.  Five of those are Gold.  (Check out the updated medal standings here.)