Good News: Young Kids, Old Runners, and Heroic Cops

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A kid with special needs made a half-court buzzer-beater at a high school basketball game in Arizona on Thursday.  It was part of the school’s “Unified” sports program, where kids with special needs get a chance to play with other students.  The crowd went nuts.  (Here’s the video, and here’s the call.)

2.  Three heroic cop videos went viral this weekend:  Two officers in Florida lifted a car off a guy when his jack failed.  Two cops in Georgia pulled a woman and her son from a burning car.  And a police department in Montana posted footage of a cop talking a teenager down off the side of a bridge.

3.  Speaking of cops:  A young boy in Florida called 9-1-1 last Wednesday, but there wasn’t an emergency.  His mom was surprised when a cop showed up at her door, and asked her son why he called.  He said he just wanted to give a cop a hug.  They gave him one, then explained what 9-1-1 is actually for.

4.  The oldest runner in yesterday’s New York City marathon was an 87-year-old man from Ukraine named Danil Farkash.  He’s run it every year since 2009.  He finished the grueling 26-mile race in 9 hours and 46 minutes.