Good News: Skateboards, Shelter Dogs, and Long-Lost Love

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A 19-year-old guy in San Francisco was a victim of gun violence last year and lost his eyesight.  But he won’t let it hold him back, and still plans to be a pro skateboarder.

2.  A dog in Nebraska nicknamed Baby Girl just found a forever home after living in a shelter for almost five years.

3.  A couple in Thailand got married in 1957 and finally just got their wedding photos taken.  Their grandson made it happen.  He even got them a tux and gown to wear.

4.  A 91-year-old Korean War vet from Iowa named Duane Mann spent almost 70 years trying to find a woman he fell for in Japan in 1954.  Now he’s finally found her.

Her name is Peggy Yamaguchi.  Duane was supposed to send for her when he got back to the States.  But then she stopped writing letters, or so he thought.  It turned out his mom was BURNING them, because she didn’t want him to marry a Japanese girl.

He’d always wanted to find her, so he could explain what happened.  So a local news channel did a story.  Then a researcher for The History Channel decided to do some digging, and found out Peggy married a different American and lives in Michigan.

Her husband is still alive, so there’s no chance for romance.  But she and Duane got to meet up the other day.  You can tell from the video there’s still a real connection there.