Good News: Ranchers, Firehouse Dogs, and Nice Cold Drinks

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A 95-year-old near Tulsa donated her entire 320-acre ranch to Oklahoma State to use for research.  She and her late husband never had kids, and planned to donate it after they both passed away.  But she decided there’s no better time than now.

2.  A bunch of kids in Pittsburgh did a fundraiser called “Coins for Kendall” to help a puppy born with birth defects that needed three life-saving surgeries.  They ended up raising over $2,000.

3.  A couple in L.A. did some spring cleaning, and had a bunch of extra garbage that needed picking up.  So they left cold drinks at the end of their driveway to thank their trash guys.  Now a video of it is going viral.

4.  Remember back when ALL fire stations had dogs?  Winnipeg is bringing that idea back using strays to boost morale.  The program also doubles as a way to help find the dogs permanent forever homes.

5.  If you need some more good news today, BuzzFeed just posted a list called “17 Good Things That Happened This Week That Prove There’s Still a Glimmer of Hope Left in the World.”