Good News: Pearl Harbor, a Free House, and 230 Santas on Skis

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  It’s the 80th anniversary of Pearl Harbor.  And around 300 people helped a 101-year-old Navy vet make it to the big remembrance ceremony in Hawaii today.  His name is Ira Schab Jr., and he was on a ship in the harbor when the bombs hit.

To get to Hawaii, he needed two caregivers to go with him.  His family couldn’t afford it, and a charity was only able to pay for one.  So his daughter started a GoFundMe campaign, and people donated over $15,000 to get him there.

2.  Speaking of impressive old people:  A woman in India is proving it’s never too late to learn something new . . . after learning to read and write at age 104.  Literacy rates for women in India are still only around 70%.  She says watching her great-grandchildren learn how to read inspired her to do it.

3.  A woman in Canada named Lidia Tromp decided it was time to move into a nursing home.  And check this out:  She just donated her house that she lived in for 55 years.  She gave the property to the indigenous community that used to live on the land.

4.  After a year off because of covid, a big annual charity event happened in Maine over the weekend.  More than 230 people dressed up as Santa, and went skiing and snowboarding together.  They raised thousands of dollars for a youth group called The River Fund.