Good News: Marathon Runners, Heroic Cops, and Ancient Rome

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A 27-year-old British guy named Russell Cook just finished running the entire length of Africa for charity.  He started in South Africa last April . . . averaged more than a marathon a day for 352 days . . . and finished in Tunisia on Sunday.

He’s still collecting donations, but he’s already raised over $1 million for a few different charities.  (Here’s a video of the end.)

2.  A 12-year-old boy in England was out walking his dog when he saw something shiny on the ground.  Turns out he found a gold bracelet from Ancient Rome that’s 2,000 years old.  No word on how much it’s worth.  (The Roman Empire stretchedfrom England all the way into Saudi Arabia back then.)

3.  A cop in Connecticut named Michael Harton is in the news five years after he saved a baby’s life at a movie theater.  She wasn’t breathing, but he did CPR and brought her back.

Her name is Tooka, and she’s five now.  They’re in the news because Michael stayed in touch.  He’s become good friends with her mom, who asked him to be Tooka’s godfather.  She calls him Uncle Mike now.

(Here are some photos, and a recent interview they did back in December.)