Good News: Lost Rings, Fresh Soap, and Free Cars

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A single mom in Virginia with six kids just got a free car and has a bunch of high school students to thank for it.  They spent all year fixing it up in their automotive tech class at school.  A local business worked with a charity called Giving Words, and donated over $10,000 to make it happen.

2.  Speaking of high school kids:  A freshman at another high school in Virginia was crowned this year’s “Top Young Scientist” for inventing a new soap to help treat and prevent skin cancer.  The award comes with a $25,000 prize.

3.  A Canadian guy recently lost a ring while swimming in the ocean in St. Augustine, Florida, and couldn’t find it.  But he saw a guy with a metal detector and asked him to keep an eye out.

That guy’s name is Joseph Cook.  And after a full month of searching, he finally found the ring buried in the sand, and it’s all on video.  Then instead of having him mail it back, the guy and his fiancée drove 1,600 miles to thank him in person.

They bought the ring over a decade ago and always planned to use it as a wedding band.  They never got around to getting married, but plan to in 2025.  They say Joseph will definitely be getting an invite.

(Here’s the video.  He finds it at :12, calls them on the phone at :36, and meets up with them at :55.)