Good News: Lost Cats and Unlikely Survival Stories

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A 27-year-old guy in rural Indiana crashed his truck in mid-December . . . went off a bridge . . . got pinned under it . . . and survived six days before someone found him.  Two men scoping out a fishing spot saw the wreckage and called it in.

The cops’ chest-cams got the whole rescue on video.  His name is Matt Reum, and he was in surprisingly good spirits when they got there.  He even cracked jokes while paramedics were treating him.

His legs were pinned under his steering wheel for almost a week.  And unfortunately, he had to have one of his feet amputated.  But he’s in good shape otherwise, and just happy to be alive.

2.  An Illinois trucker’s cat recently escaped and went missing at a truck stop in Nevada . . . and turned up five days later at a shelter 670 miles away in Wyoming.

They think he must have hitched a ride with another truck driver.  The shelter worked with volunteers and got the cat home in time for New Year’s.

3.  Here’s another cat that was a little closer to home:  A cat in England named Duke just showed back up after going missing seven years ago in 2017.  So where was he?  He’d been living in a factory 900 feet from his owner’s house.

He ended up at a vet, who knocked on the owner’s door with good news.  She’s since adopted a dog and had another kid, so she thought it would be best to find him a new home.  She’s in contact with the new owner and gets regular updates.