Good News: Lonely Ducks, Lottery Pranks, and Heroic Cops

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A pet duck in Michigan named Sophia was sad and lonely after another duck named Evie recently died.  So her owners used Facebook like a matchmaking service for ducks and went looking for a friend.

It worked, and hundreds of people reached out.  They ended up getting two more ducks named Lucy and Goosey, and Sophia’s doing a lot better.  It sounds like one of them might be a boy, because they’re hoping for ducklings this spring.

2.  I might start doing this with scratchers, just in case one ever hits:  A husband in Missouri bought a lottery ticket, only scratched off the bar code to scan it, and found out it hit for $100,000.  But then he didn’t tell his wife, and left it for HER to scratch off.  So she got the full experience of hitting the jackpot.

3.  A woman in New York named Dennise Gomez just got to meet the two NYPD officers who pulled her from a burning car as a kid.  It happened in 1996, and both men are retired now.  It was an emotional day, because they found out SHE’S now a cop too.  She told a reporter, “I want to do what they did for me.”