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Good News: Hungry Troops, Bills Fans Give Big, and a “Room of Hugs”

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  Celebrity chef José Andrés has been feeding National Guard troops in D.C. this week as they guard the Capitol and prepare for tomorrow’s inauguration.

2.  We’ve seen stuff like this here too.  But a group in Italy is using an inflatable tent to help seniors visit with family during the pandemic.  There’s a plastic divider in the middle with arm holes.  So they’re calling it the “Room of Hugs.”

3.  There’s a janitor at a hospital in Salt Lake City who cleans COVID rooms, and normally takes the bus to work.  But his bus wasn’t running on New Year’s Day.  So instead of calling in sick, he rode his bike 37 miles to get there and help.  So now his co-workers are raising money on to buy him a car.

4.  This is pretty classy:  Ravens quarterback LAMAR JACKSON got knocked out of their playoff game against the Bills on Saturday with a concussion.  And the Bills ended up winning the game.  So Bills fans started donating to Lamar’s favorite charity.

The group is called “Blessings in a Backpack,” and they make sure kids have enough food at home.  In 36 hours, over 13,000 Bills fans chipped in and donated more than $360,000.

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