Good News: Frozen Lakes, Forgetfulness, and Free McDonald’s

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A 67-year-old guy in Michigan is happy about being more forgetful in his old age.  Last month, he couldn’t remember if he’d bought a lottery ticket yet.  So he bought a second one with the same set of numbers . . . 6,11,12, 23, and 33.  Both hit for $110,000, so he won 220 grand.

2.  A guy on TikTok went to a McDonald’s drive-thru to get a McMuffin.  And when he looked in his bag, he found $5,000 CASH that was supposed to go to the bank.  Instead of keeping it, he turned around and went back.  They ended up giving him a $200 reward for being honest, plus free McDonald’s for a month.  (Here’s a video he posted.  Careful!  F-bombs at :12, :25, and :56.)

3.  A woman in Alaska says a dead rabbit recently saved her life(???)  She was skating on a frozen lake when she found it dead on the ice.  And she’s the resourceful type, so she took it with her to use the fur for something later.  But shortly after that, she fell through the ice into the freezing water.

There was nothing to grab onto to pull herself out.  But she still had the rabbit, which was soaking wet now.  So she tossed it on the ice in front of her . . . let it freeze to the ground . . . and used it like an anchor to hoist herself up.