Good News: Firefighters, Gorillas, and Olympic Medals

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A guy in Iowa retired last fall after 38 years as a firefighter.  Now his 23-year-old daughter is in the news, because she got fire departments in all 50 states to send her their t-shirts, and she’s making a quilt for him.  She’s already received over 100 shirts, including a few from overseas.

2.  Speaking of firemen:  A group of firefighters in Fresno, California recently saved a random kitten that was trapped in someone’s bathroom wall.  They used a thermal imaging camera to find it . . . and then smashed through the wall with an ax.

3.  In other animal news:  The world’s oldest gorilla lives at the Berlin zoo, and she just got a cake for her 65th birthday.

4.  Rescuers in Ukraine pulled a puppy from the rubble of a building that got shelled by Russia on Wednesday, and it’s all on video.  The dog’s 77-year-old owner survived too.

5.  And here’s another story out of Ukraine:  A German cyclist named Tony Martin auctioned off his Olympic silver medal to raise money for Ukrainian refugees, and it sold for about $38,000.  But now it turns out a company called FitLine bought it just so they could give it back to him.