Good News: Fat Dogs, Valuable Cats, and a Pop-Up Candy Store

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  There’s a fun March Madness promotion happening this month at libraries in Worcester, Massachusetts.  (pronounced WUSS-ter)  They’re forgiving fines for overdue books if you just show up with a picture of a cat.  (???)  They’re calling it their “March Meowness” promo.

2.  A retirement home in England turned its lounge into a candy store for a day, so a 93-year-old named Doreen Bishop could relive her glory days.  She managed a chocolate shop for 30 years.

3.  People on Instagram are obsessed with a fat dog’s weight loss journey.  An eight-year-old golden retriever named Frannie was so obese, she was about to be PUT DOWN.  But a charity called Rover’s Retreat adopted her.

A 24-year-old veterinary student named Annika Bram volunteered to foster, and she’s been getting Frannie’s weight under control.  She was 125 pounds, and she’s dropped more than 30 pounds in the past three months.  (Here are before and after photos.)