Good News: Fat Cats, Hooters, and Goodwill Bargains

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  An animal shelter in Richmond, Virginia took in a morbidly obese, 28-pound cat last week . . . and he’s already been adopted out.  They named him Frosty after the Wendy’s dessert.  His full name is “One Frosty Too Many”.  (Here’s a photo.)

His new owner promised to help him trim down.  He needs to lose about half his bodyweight, but he’s not even the fattest cat the shelter has seen recently.  The same place was in the news last year when they rescued a 42-pound cat.

2.  Speaking of Virginia:  A woman in Lynchburg named Jessica Vincent bought a vase at Goodwill last summer for $4 . . . and just sold it at auction last month for over 110,000 BUCKS.  (!!!)  It turned out it was made by a famous Italian designer named Carlos Scarpa in the 1940s.  (Here’s a photo.)

3.  A U.S. Army vet in Texas named Harry Cerezo turned 101 this month, and joked to his niece that he wanted to celebrate somewhere he could see “beautiful women.”  So she made it happen . . . and took him to HOOTERS.

His VFW helped throw a party with cake and balloons.  His niece says he’d never even heard of Hooters, but now it’s his favorite dinner spot.  (Here’s a photo.)