Good News: Engagement Ring Lost At Rest Stop Returned By Stranger

A woman who left her engagement ring in a rest stop bathroom was reunited with the precious item a little more than a day later thanks to a stranger and a Facebook post. Bailey Davis said she was on her way to work at a car auction in Columbus, Ohio, when she stopped at a rest stop. When she got to the Columbus area two hours away she realized she had left her ring in a family bathroom. When she arrived back where she had left the ring, it was gone.

… Coty Warren had visited the rest stop a short time after Davis, and used the single family bathroom because the men’s room was being cleaned. He found the ring on a shelf and attempted to find its owner but ended up taking it with him. The next day, Warren came upon Davis’ Facebook post about her lost ring, which had been shared numerous times. He called the number in the post and gave Davis the good news.

… Warren declined Davis’ offer of a $1,000 reward, saying doing a good deed was enough reward.