Good News: Elephants, Lost Wallets, and a Really Good Christmas Gift

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  What’s the best Christmas gift you got this year?  A guy in D.C. gave his wife a Powerball ticket for Christmas that hit for $2 MILLION!

It was for a drawing that happened December 2nd, and he hadn’t checked the numbers.  So they didn’t find out it was a winner until Christmas Day.  (Weird gift idea.  What if it hadn’t hit the jackpot?  A three-week-old LOSING lottery ticket?  Wow . . . great gift, honey.)

2.  Speaking of Christmas:  Elephants at the Berlin Zoo in Germany have been chowing down on unsold Christmas trees.  They find them delicious, apparently, so it’s become an annual thing at the zoo.  Their bison like them too.

3.  In case you missed it:  Workers remodeling a movie theater in Atlanta found an old wallet in a wall that some guy lost over 65 years ago in 1958.  They said looking through it was like traveling back in time.

Sadly, the owner of the wallet passed away in 2005 at age 87.  But they tracked down his 71-year-old daughter and got it back to her.