Good News: Dogs, Jeeps, and “All the Booze You Can Drink”

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  More than 200 people in Florida had a “birthday parade” for a woman who just turned 101.  Her name is Valeria Ryan, and she’s a veteran.  She joined the Navy in World War Two, and taught soldiers how to land bombs.  She told a reporter the secret to her longevity is, quote, “Drink all the booze you can drink.”

2.  During last week’s cold snap, a bunch of Jeep Wrangler fans in Alabama pitched in to help out healthcare workers.  A group called Rocket City Wranglers offered them free rides to and from work.

3.  Royal Caribbean’s new “Icon of the Seas” cruise ship is now the largest in the world at 1,198 feet long.  And it got its newest crew member this month:  A six-month-old golden retriever named Rover was named “Chief Dog Officer“.  Her job is to “bring joy and happiness to her fellow crew and guests.”  (Here’s a video.)