Good News: Diamond Rings, EMTs, and Souped-Up Cars

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A couple from Pittsburgh recently flew home from Las Vegas, with a layover in Minnesota.  After they arrived, they realized a diamond in the woman’s ring fell out, and they didn’t know where.  It could have happened at any of the three airports, or on one of their flights.  And her 99-year-old grandma gave her the ring.

She didn’t think she’d get it back.  But an employee at the Pittsburgh airport went above and beyond searching for it . . . eventually found it on a floor in one of the bathrooms . . . and got it back to her.

2.  A woman in Massachusetts named Debbie Virgilio passed away last year at 85.  And her local fire department’s EMTs helped her out multiple times in the last years of her life.  So she repaid the favor by leaving the department $525,000 in her will to buy a new ambulance.  They just had a big party in her honor this week.

3.  A single mom in Tennessee wanted to do something special for her son’s eighth birthday this month, but didn’t have a ton of money.  So she posted something on Facebook about how he loves cars, and her community came through for her.  People organized a huge car parade, and over 80 souped-up rides showed up for it.  A lot of the owners also brought gifts.