Good News: Cold Sharks, Tiny Dogs, and Extra Trips to the Store

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  Snowmen are so 2023:  A dad in Iowa used all the cold weather we’ve had to make a SNOWSHARK with his two sons.

It’s pretty impressive and about the same size as a real great white shark.  They spray-painted it, so it looks legit.  People have been driving from all over to see it and take pictures.

2.  A guy in Michigan is glad he had to hit the grocery store twice in one day.  He went back to return something . . . bought a lottery ticket while he was there . . . and it hit for $1 million.

3.  A guy in South Carolina named Timothy Snipe saved his tiny chihuahua from a coyote the other day.  He grabbed the thing with his bare hands . . . picked it up by the TAIL . . . and trapped it in a dumpster.

He got bit on the leg and needed NINE rabies shots, but he’ll be okay and his chihuahua Roxie is fine.  He said, quote, “Once you get a pet, they’re automatically a part of the family.  And this is my girl.”  (Here’s the footage.)