Good News: Caring Cops, Angry Bulls, and Bingo Bachelorettes

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  This is one of those awful-then-heartwarming ones:  A cop in South Bend, Indiana found a dog with its mouth zip-tied shut.  (!!!)  But he’s okay and in a much better situation now, after the cop adopted him.  She named him Zeus.  (Here are some photos.)

2.  More good news, bad news:  Back in November, a lady in Florida got gored by a bull.  (!!!)  But it ended up being a good thing, because scans at the E.R. spotted lung cancer.  So being gored ended up saving her life.

3.  Here’s one for anybody who’s celebrating Singles Awareness Day:  A woman in Baltimore named Jennie Libertini just turned 109 years old.  And her friends say the secret to her longevity is staying SINGLE for so long.  She’s been divorced for decades, so she has “no stress.”  She just plays a ton of Bingo.