Good News: Best Friends, Old Ladies, and an Unlikely TikTok Star

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A retirement home in Kansas threw a “Roaring ’20s” party for a woman BORN in 1920.  Her name is Elouise Lyons, and she’s 102.  Her son says one of the secrets to her longevity is a shot of SCOTCH every day.  And how cool is this:  Elouise also has a twin sister who’s still kickin’.  The sister had her own party in San Francisco, but they were able to see each other on Zoom.

2.  Speaking of the Greatest Generation:  A 99-year-old named Jake Larson has become an unlikely TikTok star.  He joined the National Guard at 15, and was at Normandy on D-Day in 1944.  He just went back for the 78th anniversary on Monday.

His granddaughter started a TikTok channel where he tells stories from the war.  You can follow it at @StoryTimeWithPapaJake.

3.  Four best friends are in the news because they all got pregnant at the same time . . . gave birth within weeks of each other . . . and then it happened AGAIN.  All four got pregnant a second time and gave birth within months of each other that time.  So now all eight of their kids get to grow up together.

4.  An 84-year-old woman who owns a hotel in England recently shut it down in the middle of her busiest season . . . so Ukrainian refugees could stay there instead.  She’s taken in 22 people so far.