Good News: Baby Boomers, a Random Fisherman, and a Stolen Bike

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A Facebook group that normally makes fun of baby boomers decided to help one out.  A 57-year-old guy in Pennsylvania was trying to sell an air compressor on Facebook to help pay for a liver transplant, and someone in the group saw it.

The name of the group is “A Car Club Where Everyone Acts Like Boomers,” and it’s got 37,000 members.  Once they posted about it, his GoFundMe page blew up.  And as of last night, they’d sent him over $55,000 for the surgery.

2.  A news crew in Massachusetts was covering a story about a stolen dog on Saturday.  And they saved the day when they happened to see a guy walking the dog . . . confronted him . . . called the cops . . . and got him arrested.

3.  Two 10-year-olds were in a kayak on a lake in upstate New York last week when one fell out and didn’t know how to swim.  But a random fisherman showed up to save them . . . and then left in his boat, so no one knows who he is.

4.  A guy in Montreal stole a woman’s bike last week.  But two women who were riding by on their own bikes saw it happen, and one was a retired cop.  They chased him for 10 miles . . . called 911 during the pursuit . . . and got her bike back.  The guy who stole it ended up crashing into a police car while he was trying to outrun them.