Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  What a cool story for Mother’s Day:  A cancer survivor from Oklahoma named Jess Wedel is currently climbing Mount Everest with her 61-year-old mom, Valari.  They’ve been waiting for better weather to do the last stretch.  And if they make it to the top, they’ll be the first mother-daughter team from the U.S. to ever do it together.

2.  An anonymous person known as the “COVID bandit” left another massive tip at a restaurant in Colorado.  A place in Boulder called Flagstaff House posted a picture this week after they gave $4,600 for the whole staff to split.

3.  The owner of a pizza place in Detroit called Mootz was sick of customers getting $150 tickets for parking in handicapped spots on the street that weren’t marked well.  And the city wasn’t doing anything to fix it.  So he took matters into his own hands . . . bought a bunch of blue paint . . . and painted the spots himself.

4.  Speaking of pizza:  An American Eagle flight heading to Charlotte had to land in Charleston on Tuesday because of thunderstorms.  And then it got stuck on the tarmac.  So the pilot threw a pizza party, and ordered pizza for everyone on board.