Good News: Angry Turkeys, Helpful Crows, and Greener Fonts

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  An elementary school principal in North Carolina took matters into his own hands when a wild turkey wouldn’t stop harassing kids in the pick-up line.  There’s a photo of him using an umbrella to chase it off.

2.  Someone’s pet snake went missing in the U.K. over a year ago, but just showed back up . . . after a crow dropped it on their roof.  The snake is okay.  Its biggest issue was an unrelated respiratory infection.

3.  Over the past few years, HarperCollins Publishers has been making changes to their fonts to improve their carbon footprint.  The new fonts let them fit a few more lines on each page.  They say it’s saved almost 250 million pages so far, and over 5,600 trees.